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Drupal is a content management platform used by more than 8 million websites from all over the world.

This Open Source content management system (CMS) is favored by companies and organizations of all sizes: not only are its features used by big companies such as news broadcasters BBC, CNN or Reuters, but big Czech companies such as Česká televize, Český rozhlas or televize Prima are using this patform as well.

Today, Drupal represents a worldwide standard supported and implemented by huge community of developers. If you want to reach your customers, Drupal is the best solution available.

Versions of Drupal

drupal 6 logo drupal 7 logo drupal 8 logo drupal 9 logo

Main features:

  • may be translated to any language, with multilingual functionality
  • suitable platform for multi-networks
  • scalability that enables easy addition of new features, while keeping high performance
  • security monitoring by official Drupal community
  • clean source code and effective caching system for fast loading of websites
  • SEO-friendly for Google and other search engines
  • provides tools for seach engine optimization

Drupal trivia:

  • 23,8 % of all universities in the world use Drupal - notably Harvard, Colorado, Georgetown or George Washington university
  • 56 % of all government institutions use Drupal, such as USA, France, South Africa or Bermudes
  • Drupal community counts 1,3 millions of members
  • The first version of Drupal 1.0 was released in 2001 – 2 years earlier than first Wordpress
  • Google counts 73,6 million search queries of the word Drupal
  • Every 51 days there is a new update of Drupal
  • Drupal 8 counts 473 lines of code and was developed by 3 290 developers, 1 200 companies and 1 community
  • Drupal offers over 39 thousand modules
  • In 2016, only 2% of Drupal websites were successfully hacked
  • Within 4 months after release of Drupal 8 (the newest version), approximately 60 thousand websites migrated to this version

Why does your boss want DRUPAL?

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