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Initial state:

Realization: from January 2014- (June 2015)

Customer profile: Czech radio is a public broadcasting company. It was established in 1991 and operates all over the Czech Republic. It operates twenty two radio stations including regional stations. Czech Radio can be tuned using the FM broadcasting and Internet streaming. It has nearly 1,500 employees.

Initial state, expectations, aims:

The Czech radio has dozens editors who create the content of all websites. Nowadays, portal uses its own system. The Czech Radio asked for Drupal 7 as a suitable solution for the public company. The aim of Drupal 7 implementation is the elimination of disadvantages of the present system. First of all, the system now used by the Czech Radio is too expensive and it has inadequate user background. If the Czech Radio starts to use Drupal 7, it would be able to get to the top of news servers. Czech Radio server intends to expand among the top news servers. Aira, which has a lot of experience with the implementation, won the public competition. The project has its settled term of realization. The project management should be perfect to avoid all possible risks.

Deadline: June 2015

Solution: Drupal 7


Nowadays, the project is in the implementation phase. The base of this project is deep analysis of all needs and claims. We will be able to insert various multimedia parameter according to the requests. We looked for the right methods. Dozens of editors will work with the new editing system every day. They will insert many articles on websites. We focused on the fast creation of new webs on the portal. It will be less expensive. We are solving how the new editing system will communicate with Internal information systems. The result of our work will be the editing system of the highest quality. It will be comfortable for fast work of all editors. Web administrators will be able to extend portal easily. As we hope, Drupal 7 will be the right solution for the Czech Radio and will help it to establish between the top news servers.


  • CMS Drupal 7

  • PHP, web server Apache, database MySQL

  • high stress optimization

  • communication line for cooperation with intern system

Expected results:

Cost reduction

Management of all types of content 

I want to know more about Drupal!