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The OA Praha website is a web presentation of the Business Academy based in Prague 9 and the Business Institute based in Prague 5. The Business Academy offers education in the field of international trade and multimedia communication. Within the Business Institute, you can graduate from retraining and training courses, language courses, or you can take part in workshops and preparations for language certificates.

Drupal was chosen for its simplicity and fast setup. Thanks to the category articles and category pages, the publication of new texts become a piece of cake for everyone. The OA Praha website supports 2 language versions - Czech and English, while it is ensured that the website with a different structure can be viewed in both versions.

Clear web for secondary school

Our task was to create an attractive and clear design, but the client did not want to change too much the existing structure of the website. Therefore, we first designed a wireframe, based on which the placement of individual elements and the linking of all subpages were carefully considered. The entire website is thus divided into sections "Business Institute" and "Business Academy", for which a context menu is displayed, so the visitor is not overwhelmed with information, he or she does not need. We also managed to figure out a way to highlight important areas for the school. Thanks to the signpost home page, the visitor has the opportunity to find the section he is looking for quickly. Of course, there is a contact form or implementation of a modern gallery.

Technologies used

  • CMS Drupal 6
  • PHP, Apache web server, MySQL database
  • Multilingual versions
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