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Touax is a French company with global operations. In 2015, we were approached by representatives of the Czech branch with a request to manage the Drupal system, on which the websites of the modular buildings divisions run.

Until then, the French solution was taken care of by a French company, so a thorough audit served us as the starting point for taking over the administration. Our audit revealed many security risks and suboptimal settings. Since September 2015, we keep the web solution always up-to-date and secure, user-friendly and also fully marketing-efficient.

Initially, the biggest challenge for us was to correct incorrectly placed codes from the former supplier. We cleaned the programming interventions from the Drupal kernel and the templates, thanks to which we were able to update the kernel and many modules to a safe version. After two years without updating, such intervention was necessary, and the process itself already posed the risk that not everything would go smoothly.

The speciality of the web solution is to work with individual branches and language versions. Thanks to the correct settings even at the lowest level of Drupal installation (location of databases and tables, .htaccess files), the system maintains the websites of all branches of the modular buildings division in one installation, while most of them still have their language versions. We are proud to be a partner of Touax, one of the market leaders in modular buildings in Europe, America and Africa.

In March 2016, in cooperation with the marketing department of Touax, we created a new responsive design. Above all, the home page graphically emphasizes the services and products that the company offers, as well as references that it can justifiably boast about. We were able to change the system for selecting the country and language version of the site. This change has led to greater user experience. Another tool worth mentioning is the moving wheel menu, which invites the visitor to an event, while the offer of events may be different for each country.

Future development of Drupal

Due to the size of this multi-site Drupal, the website management takes place almost daily. We hope that we will continue in improving user experience, visitor satisfaction and implementing new functionalities.

Technologies used:

  • CMS Drupal 7
  • PHP, Apache web server, MySQL database
  • Multisite Drupal - separate websites for specific countries running on a single Drupal installation
  • Responsive design using the Foundation Framework
  • Wheel menu guiding the user
  • Implementation of Drush tool for smooth updates
  • Sophisticated user roles and their permissions
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