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Programmers love Drupalbecause of its modularity. Redactors love it as well because it is SEO-friendly. Drupal will help you optimize your website for google and other search engines.

Why should you care about SEO?

SEO helps to optimize your website, so that it ranks high in search engine results and reaches your conversion goals. SEO also takes care of the technical background of your website. Technical issues, along with poor website content will render your website nearly invisible for search engines.

Nowadays it is difficult to find SEO specialist who is familiar both with up-to-date theory as well as with its practical implementation.

SEO specialist must also be familiar with the backend of your website to be able to work with modules. We understand both SEO and programming, so we are capable of both creating a website or application, and implementing SEO.

5 ways in which Drupal makes SEO easy

  • Ability to post content exactly the way you want it.
  • Vast selection of responsive templates, making optimization for mobile browsing a breeze.
  • You can easily add various types of metadata,such as titles, descriptions or alternative titles for pictures .
  • Intuitive and user-friendly system for creation of redirects, suitable even for those who are not familiar with the technical side of things.
  • Option to edit robots.txt or sitemap.xml