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Case study

Initial State

Realization: since 2010 (cooperation still continues)

Costumer´s profile: FTV Prima is one of the biggest commercial TV. It operates four TV stations: TV PRIMA, PRIMA LOVE, PRIMA COOL, PRIMA ZOOM.

Moreover, it provides internet magazines, such as PRIMA STYLE, PRIMA WOMEN, PRIMA FRESH, PRIMA LIVING etc.

Solution: Drupal 6

State: FTV Prima planned to release its new channel Prima LOVE but its developer team was not as hard-working, flexible and well-educated, as it was necessary. We started the PRIMA love website and we were offered to take care of the whole FTV Prima web. The project was successful. The attendance of Prima website increased dramatically, and it turned out, that the performance of its current system was low, not flexible and faulty.

Goals: we cooperate with the client permanently, that´s why goals are planned accordingly to client´s needs.

Recently we have solved:

We have solved everything from the creation of articles to making of own videos programmes:

  1. creation of new web pages

  2. increasing of web performance

  3. high speed system

  4. increasing comfort of FTV employees

  5. employees support

  6. many others


Portal works as a hierarchical system, which allows you to create more and more web selections, for example for new TV programmers. We linked webs of all TV channels using DRUPAL 6. We developed unique solution of optimal performance which is able to serve enormous number of visitors at one moment. Web performance is very high now.

The big project of this plan is creation of PRIMA ZOOM portal during the winter 2012/2013, we also created PRIMA PLAY portal. Prima Play was a challenge for us. We tried to work with multimedia and enormous amount of data streams. belongs to TOP 100 biggest Drupal implementations in the world. We are very proud that we can be here and see how the project is progressing.


  1. CMS Drupal

  2. PHP, web server Apache, database MYSQL

  3. High stress optimization

Wide range of functions

  1. Standard solution, best practices

  2. Lower costs

  3. High performance and speed of the web and the system

  4. Wider range of functions

  5. Support of editing work process 

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