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ERP on Drupal

Are you looking for ERP solution for small business or a company that’s just starting out? Try using Drupal. It can be scaled up or modified depending on your needs. Drupal ERP can be used both as an offline app as well as an online web app, accessible from anywhere and everywhere.

It is also possible to add external features from detectors, readers, GPS or CCTV. The system is modular and easily scalable while keeping the costs low, capable of modifying frontend or backend to your heart’s desire, as well as connecting with mobile version. You can count on Drupal to be here for you in the years to come.

Its flexibility, combined with developer team with long years of expertise, allows to create unique systems such as custom CRMs, intranets or the whole ERP package.

In our practise, we use and implement officially developed modules but we are also capable of developing our own modules to create a robust yet user-friendly on-demand system.

CRM on Drupal

It is possible to effectively implement various CRMs to Drupal, either via officially developed modules, or make a custom implementation of your own external CRM system. This way you can combine benefits of Drupal’s website management tools, while keeping CRM system to manage your interaction with customers.

With CRM system, you can avoid situations such as several of your employees contacting one customer, because thanks to the system they will see in the administration that someone else is already dealing with the customer.