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Our clients often come with Drupal 4.7 and ask what should they do. We recommend migrating first to Drupal 5, then to Drupal 6 and skip to Drupal 8 after that. Which brings us to important question about migration from older Drupal versions to D8 - why should you do it? Migration brings 2 big benefits:

First benefit is having a secure website and up-to-date support from Drupal community. The second benefit is having access to new and modern functionalities - D8 offer over 200 more in compare with D7.

Development of modules, responsive templates and security updates for older versions of Drupal is slowly but surely ending. Just last year, the official support of Drupal 6 has endedalong with support of 5.3 and 5.4 that will no longer be supported in the next year.

However, sometimes it’s not possible to migrate from older versions to Drupal 8 straight away. It takes more than just checking a few boxes in a system. We will help you with the process and make sure that everything goes right.